Emotions drive decisions

Global Emotion Analysis

See how people around the world are feeling as our AI engine analyses inputs in real time

PathosGET & Northeastern University Collaboration

In line with our commitment to do good during these challenging times, we are going to collaborate with the Northeastern University. The collaboration will see students from the  Northeastern University participate in an exciting data analyses project. This will enhance their learning and will help us produce more research for public good.  

We are excited to work with students and faculty of the Northeastern University.



  1. We do not ask for any personally identifiable information. Please do not share.
  2. We are going to show aggregate outcomes openly on this website.
  3. We are going to do analyses and research and may provide it for public good.
  4. This is not intended to provide any medical support or advice of any type.
  5. Please refrain from engaging with the chatbot if you have any concerns with this disclaimer.