Emotions drive decisions

 As the world, as the people, grapple with an unprecedented challenge to sustain life as we know it, we must not forget what makes us humans. Our emotions. 

As the world counts those who have fallen and those that are fighting to survive the Pandemic, we cannot ignore that we are riding an emotional roller coaster. Many of us are uncertain and anxious about the future, but also finding small pleasures like family bonding to see ourselves through. While we are socially distanced from friends, family, neighbors, we are finding deeper meaning in our relationships with those close to us.

We are coming together as a global community. We are building new emotional bonds.

This is not a single story. There are many stories that need to be understood and shared. Only when we see how others are sharing our pain and our joys, would we be able to find new emotional strength within ourselves to cope with this challenge and come out of it stronger. We need to stay emotionally strong to survive these times and jump right back up when it is all over.

Big human challenges require many small efforts from the whole humanity.

All of us need to search within ourselves and see what is that one thing we can do to make a difference. Even if we help one other person, that makes a difference. If billion of us help the other billion, we have made a big difference. Small movements can become big movements. And it always starts with the urge to do something to make lives better for others. In doing so, we find a way to get through the challenge ourselves.

For us at PathosAI, this was an easy decision. We measure human emotions and emotional engagement. We decided to focus our energies and use our core capabilities to make a small contribution. And so, we created a platform so that all of us can share what we are feeling and at the same time see how others around the world are doing.

We created EmotBot. Anyone can interact with it to share their feelings and concerns about the future. An aggregated analysis of inputs from around the world is open for everyone to see. Sharing will give us strength to know that we are not alone in this and that we need to get through this challenge together as a global community. There is no cost to interact with the EmotBot or to access the analysis. 

We hope that our small effort can make a big difference.