Emotions drive decisions

Unleashing AI & Human Intellect

Helping organizations build stronger emotional engagement to drive loyalty, affinity and trust

Unearthing human emotional engagement

Helping organizations build stronger emotional engagement to drive loyalty, affinity and trust

Unearthing human emotional engagement

Helping organizations build stronger emotional engagement to drive loyalty, affinity and trust

Powering AI & Human Intellect

Recent research has proven that emotional engagement is critical to understand motivations. It is a better predictor of human behavior than measurement of satisfaction and brand equity.

Traditional research methods are not geared to effectively measure subconscious mind where emotions are created.

We also want to bring the measurement in-the-moment and in real life, measuring emotional changes as they happen. This will help organizations become more agile and focused on taking right actions.

We are unleashing the power of AI and converge it with human intellect to measure emotional engagement in real time and real life.

Dr. Lakshmi Madabhushi

PathosAI Advisory Board Member

“Emotional engagement is key to understanding consumer behaviour and their connection to brands. Big question is can it be done real time, real life in a way that gives agile actionable outcomes.

I am inspired by Sumair’s vision and passion to unearth real motivators of emotional engagement.

PathosAI is leading the way to leverage AI and Human Intellect with state-of-the-art tools and technologies to uncover underlying motivations in real time for marketers to make informed decisions. It’s exciting to work with PathosAI in building next gen solutions.”


Eric Dale

PathosAI Advisory Board Member

“I am very excited to be part of the PathosAI team. Its solution uses modern technology to solve an important problem in the industry.

Having worked closely with Sumair for several years. I have every confidence that under his vision and leadership, PathosAI’s compelling value proposition will soon become evident to all market participants.”

Asif Qayyum

Managing Director Emerging Tech & Digital Assurance, PwC

“Future belongs to the brave. It also belongs to those who think long but play short and smart solving real business problems. Technology and evolving AI models are only as good as their ability to provide business leaders a growth roadmap.

PathosAI has identified a very unique space for itself. I believe the leadership of PathosAI is on the right track and i am excited to follow the journey.”

Mitch Barns

PathosAI Advisory Board Member

“Engagement has long been a topic of high interest for advertisers, but the challenge has been to measure it at scale and economically.

Pathos AI, following its principle of ”don’t ask, unearth”, solves that, providing real time, actionable, comprehensive, and affordable measurement of engagement.”

Piyush Mathur

Global Head Workforce Analytics,
Data Strategy, Johnson & Johnson

“ Emotional engagement is the next frontier in consumer research. To date we do not have trusted and agile ways to measure consumers’ emotional engagement.

I am excited to see the way PathosAI has taken on this challenge and the thinking process they have deployed to bring AI and consumer research experience together.”

Amanda Welsh

PathosAI Advisory Board Member

While much AI is focused on ways to do things better than humans, the solution offered by PathosAI is important because it is focused on using techonology to understand something unique human: emotions.

This is critical to create a bridge for tech and human collaboration which will become the basis of more 21st century activity.

I am glad to join this exciting journey with PathosAI.”

Pankaj Chopra

Global Head of Insights & Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

“New technology can only find ownership and integration with decision makers if it can solve real growth problems.

PathosAI is an exciting new venture, as its driven primarily by leveraging evolving tools to answer key business questions. I am also intrigued by the way in which they are approaching the complex issue of understanding consumer behavior and look forward to see more from them.”

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