Emotions drive decisions

Human Stories

We would like to share with you some of the human stories we have unearthed from customer generated data

Mothers looking for supplement formula for their newborns

A pilot study asked us to unearth motivation of mothers looking to find the best formula for their newborns.
Several mothers talked about the anxiety involved and the challenges they faced as they transition their babies from mothers’ milk to a formula.
We were able to unearth the most important drivers of their decisions.
This would allow our client to focus on what matters most to the mothers.

Residents of Toronto looking to find information about government services

Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) develops government service standards and measures performance of Canadian jurisdictions.
They asked us to look into what citizens are telling them about their service experience across Canada.
We measured Canadians’ emotions and engagement with the government and identified most important drivers impacting their service experience.
“Working with PathosAI, we’re taking our citizen satisfaction research to the next level by delving deeper into what citizens truly experience and feel when they use government services. This richer insight will help our government partners design better services and provide more fulfilling service experiences for all Canadians”.

Dan Batista
Executive Director, ICCS

Global Emotion Trends

As our world grapples with an unprecedented challenge, we can support each other as a global community by sharing our feelings and concerns. Together we can learn what it will take to support us get through these times. 

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