Emotions drive decisions

Our Solutions

We currently have three AI driven solutions to measure customers’ emotions and engagement

PathosEngagePathosPredict  | PathosPrompts



Improve emotional engagement with your key stakeholders. Pathos Engage enables you to quickly evaluate your performance on key parameters. You can see how you are performing on key parameters.




    Predict decisions by connecting behavior drivers to outcomes. We believe in empowering you to not only understand what happened, but also to predict what is likely to happen.

    We offer ways to connect your outcome data with our models to unleash the true power of predictability.


    AI driven prompts to enable you to take timely actions to improve outcomes.
    It’s useless, unless you can action it.
    PathosPrompts points you in the right direction giving you a clear line of sight about ways in which you can enhance your emotional engagement with your customers.

    For example:

    Product that has lowest emotional engagement

    What’s unique about our approach?