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PathosAI Channel Effectiveness

As technology takes over our lives, organizations are finding effective ways to enable customers to use their services, order their products or to get hold of them.

However, when not done well, instead of building stronger engagement, channel performance could actually trigger a drop in engagement.

That being said, performance may not be either consistently good or consistently poor. In most cases this happens in a specific context or for a specific type of service/product or with a certain customer segment. It may also be that certain circumstances and issues are much more important to customers and a poor channel performance could exacerbate the issue. 

We help our clients filter areas where channel performance is performing well and where it needs improvement from real customer generated data.

Use Cases

E-commerce website is easy to access, but fulfillment is always late

Walmart launched its e-commerce portal recently. While customers had a positive engagement with the website design and how easy it was for them to access it, timely and accurate delivery was a huge disappointment driving down overall engagement with the online ordering.

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