Emotions drive decisions

PathosAI Product Leadership

Product design is critical to organizational success. Organizations across sectors spend considerable efforts and resources on designing and deploying their products and services.

PathosAI provides a unique measurement of specific features and attributes of products and services that are most important to customers. We also unearth desired attributes, which combined with insights about current products, will provide a comprehensive measurement that will help organizations improve current products and develop new products.

Use Cases

Automate Credit Card Issue Resolution

We analyzed customer reviews of top 5 Canadian commercial banks. One of the biggest drivers of poor emotional engagement was customers having to call and wait for a long time to resolve basic credit card related issues. These related to:

  • Payment made not showing on the statement
  • Card sent to the wrong address

The bank that could create an automated application to resolve most common customer challenges related to credit card payments would win big. The application could enable customers to:

  • Upload proof payment to clear the issue
  • Upload proof of new address to automatically clear the glitch

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