Emotions drive decisions

PathosAI Strategic Leadership Insights

Emotions drive decisions.

Every customer interaction impacts their emotions. There are key moments during these interactions, or moments of truth, where the consumers’ automatic mind assesses the organization’s behavior, interaction’s outcome and the value of the organization’s brand.

PathosAI has developed a methodology to understand the moments of truth. We have developed and deployed AI and analytical tools to comprehensively measure customer emotional engagement. We measure interactions by understanding what customers are saying – how they are saying it – and how they move.

Senior leaders need a holistic view to be able to design effective strategies. PathosAI Strategic Leadership Insights aim to provide senior leaders an important perspective on where they need to focus, what investments they need to prioritize and which areas of organization needs a change.

This is our Strategic Leadership Insights framework:

Use Cases

Global Customer Emotional Engagement During COVID-19

We reviewed customer reviews for 17 organizations from around the world to understand customers’ emotional engagement, its drivers and areas of focus.

You can find the report here: https://pathosai.io/global-customer-emotional-engagement-a-covid-report/

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