Emotions drive decisions



You have hundreds or thousands of customer interactions every month. Every interaction creates data, which is the purest and truest reflection of what transpired during that interaction between you and your customers.

Your customers are going to make future decisions after every interaction. These decisions are critical to your success. Depending on how that interaction went for your customer and how strong is your emotional engagement with them, you can expect your fortunes to rise or fall.

Your challenge is to understand the most important interactions and key moments, amongst thousands of data points, that are going to drive your outcomes.


That is where PathosEngage can help you. Our AI models go through every single interaction :

Step 1 – detect moments of emotional inflection
Step 2 – unearth the emotions and their intensity,
Step 3 – identify drivers of emotions and their importance
Step 4 – calculate the strength of emotional engagement
Step 5 – analyze data on multitude of data dimensions to enable you to measure performance
Step 6 – analyze all the data in a way that is specific and relevant to the intricacies of your sector


Here are some of the business questions you will be able to answer with PathosEngage

1) How strong is my emotional engagement with my customers?
2) What is driving the emotional engagement to be what it is?
3) How do I perform on emotional engagement across several dimensions like location, channel, product/service, customer segments etc
4) What is the trend?
5) How do I perform vs industry


At PathosAI, we do not believe in providing insights that do not lead to actions which can improve business outcomes for our clients.

PathosPrompts does exactly that.

We have built an analytics engine that processes hundreds of thousands of data points in an instant to identify 3 most important areas you need to focus that will help you achieve your goals.

Everytime you upload new data, the engine will automatically refresh the analyses to ensure that it continues to provide you meaningful and most relevant action items.

We have seen organizations spend a significant amount of money to generate insights that only provide trends and scores with no actionability. We want to ensure that you do not have to go through such an experience again.

Our engine will run millions of permutations and combinations analyses on dimensions data with regards to how they score on the emotional engagement metrics to unearth the top 3 nodes, which, if actioned well, could significantly improve customer engagement.

You can use the insights we generate in PathosPrompts to take a number of strategic and tactical decisions.

For e.g.

Products with lowest emotional engagement

Real time and real life


Multiple data sources

Volume agnostic