Emotions drive decisions

Never Ask, Unearth

Traditional research methods that depend on asking customers about their decisions are unable to unearth true motivators of behavior. They are also lagged and do not provide the agility and actionability decision makers need.
PathosAI is challenging this norm to provide real time and real life measurement of customer behavior leveraging customer generated data.

A comprehensive measurement of customer interactions


Research has shown that three human actions exhibit their conscious and subconscious emotions.

PathosAI has developed and deployed AI models to not only unearth stated and not-stated emotions from these three human actions, we can also measure what drives those emotions and how those moments are going to impact consumers’ future behavior.


What people say

Research has shown that there is a clear link between spoken words, be they expressed vocally or written, and a person’s emotions. Neuroscience data suggests that language plays a routine role in creating instances of discrete emotion perceptions and experiences.

Our proprietary models can unearth:

  • 8 distinct emotions and their intensity
  • 20 possible drivers and their importance to the speaker
  • Hundreds of behavior enablers and disablers


How they say it

Unless one is a trained artist, true internal emotions come across in the speakers’ voice. The model we deploy is language and accent agnostic and performs tone analysis to detect 10 distinct emotional states.

Body Language

How they move

We have developed a completely new faculty of measuring body language that does not involve facial coding. We process (non-facial) video data to unearth emotions.

Evolution of Customer Behavior Measurement

The Double Bottom line